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Short Answer to Why Garage Dawgs was Born…
Our son Noah.
From the day that boy came into our lives, he has changed not only our mindsets on health and fitness but more so the time and importance of what mattered most in life. We didn’t have two and three hours of training anymore.
We had 45 minutes (sometimes 20 minutes max) in between naps, running a full time business, and attempting to find some type of time to connect together. We needed to be able to lace up our shoes, take our unbrushed hairs to the garage and get a good enough sweat in to feel good. To move and then go about our day. Garage Dawgs has given us the freedom and outlet to be the best parents and coaches possible while still keeping a healthy level of fitness needed to continue to live within our best selves. Our hope is that we can continue to help other busy, on the go individuals find their own health and wellness… Whether in the garage, during travel, or outback while your kids play. KNOW that it is possible, you ARE worth it, and a little bit daily goes a long way towards a happier, healthier, sexier you.


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Alex and Darren came from completely different walks of life. Alex, Hawaii born/Oklahoma bred took an initial career path as a physical therapy assistant with 1 goal in mind. To help others live their best lives through health and wellness. In 2013, she found herself not just finding love for crossfit but the beauty of freedom through nutrition. Darren, started as a petroleum engineer and found fitness in 2010 after he lost a huge part of his own health through travel, fast food, and job restraints. Together, they hold over a decade of knowledge and experience from competitive training, navigation of their own nutrition amongst 100’s of others, holidays, life changes, and the birth of their son Noah. Alex NCI Nutrition L1, CF L1, versed in gut health and hormone repair through food and lifestyle manages the nutrition side of the pair, while Darren is the backbone of the programming and accessory programs that is Garage Dawgs. Opex trained/certified, CF L2, and endurance. 

What is the 411 on:

Garage Dawgs?

Garage Dawgs is an environment and community online that was built on passion, education, and purpose. A place where anyone could go, at home, during travel, or with limited time to find resources to help them to live their best lives, for the rest of their lives.

What is the 411 on:

4-H Nutrtion?

Are you?
Happy, Healthy, Hungry, Horny?
Things like sleep quality, gut health, water intake, weekend/holiday management, and hormone improvements through food are important aspects of creating the habits needed not to just lose the weight or get the body comp you want but live the energized, amazing life you deserve.


Do you feel like you just don't have the time to focus on your health and wellness?
Has life taken over and your nutrtion has fallen by the wayside?
Do you want a personal trainer, but feel like it's not in your budget right now?

If any one of these questions resignate with you scroll down to see how we can help you change that.




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                                  - Beginner BASIC

                                   - Intermediate
                                 - RX

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                         * MOM Fit- 8 week
                                    - Prenatal
                                    - PostPartum

                        * Garage Dawgs Elements
                        *Garage Dawgs Strong



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What are the

GD Programs?

Garage Dawgs Daily Workouts -
Functional training for long term health and wellness, geared towards the everyday busy individual who wants to be able to have their fitness and live life too! Daily workouts include 4 versions for the competitive, intermediate, beginner, and the new to fitness member

GD Elements -
This is Perfect for anyone who is 0-6 months into exercise or is just starting their fitness journey!
This 8 week introductory program is centered around easy flow aerobic conditioning and the basics of full body resistance. 

GD Basics -
Designed for members with limited equipment, space, or time. GD-Basics is a spin off of our daily workouts so that you have all options available... And no excuses needed.

GD Intermediate:
This is for the person stepping their activity level up but not quite to the advanced level yet. Maybe your gymnastic and olympic lifting skills aren't quite yet where they will be, this is where you can start to step those up while still practicing great technique. Jump in and have fun learning what scaled options work for you and where you can push a little harder!

This is advanced level fitness for life training. If you've competed, love pushing yourself to a new level, have several years of experience with fitness for fun and sport, you'll love this option! Scale as needed to keep the stimulus intended and get after it!





What is 

4H Nutrtion?

The 4 H’s: Healthy, Happy, Hungry, & Horny.

Because these four things are the secret to your BEST life.

Nutrition consulting with Coach Alex is where macros meet lifestyle management and Long term, sustainable results!

Individually structured based off of your personalized goals and current lifestyle through an initial intake process and consultation.

I have a variety of clients from all walks of life from stay at home moms to those traveling for business. I believe in order to truly make a long lasting, physical transformation. You must also have a mental and emotional one as well.
Centered through macronutrients, our focus is heavily on cleaning up basic lifestyle guidelines also. Things like sleep quality, gut health, water intake, weekend/holiday management, and hormone improvements through food are important aspects of creating the habits needed not to just lose the weight or get the body comp you want but live the energized, amazing life you so longingly deserve. My goal is not just to Give you some numbers or tell you what to eat. But to give you the guidance and education so that one day, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years from now… You can continue to thrive, maintain your health, all while still enjoying a treat every now and then. : )



Individualized Programming

What is

IDP, Exactly?


IDP is personal training at a 1/4 the cost. It’s goal oriented and 100% individualized.

It’s for any and all fitness levels.

For anyone looking to live their best life and have their fitness reflect their priorities.

Through consultation and assessment, we figure out what motivates and drives your priorities, how your health and fitness goals can align with those priorities, any strengths and weaknesses that can be considered, and what a personalized program would look like to address all of the above.

Our goal is for a lifetime of health and fitness, not short term and unsustainable results. On the lifelong path to become a better human, you'll learn how to manage your lifestyle and priorities in a manner that leads you to success.

Through monthly consult check ins, we'll make sure that your continuing down a path that leads to success. We'll also address any road bumps that may come up. This constant communication is critical to ensuring success on both ends.

Consultation, Assessment, Program Design, Communication.

A recipe for lifelong health and fitness.

Are You Ready To Make A Lifestyle Change?

Garage Dawgs Packages





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